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Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation

Certificate of Status System

What this system does:
This system will allow you to print an official Certificate of Status from SDAT. You can also choose to have a paper certificate and up to ten paper copies of the same certificate mailed to you the next business day. You can also verify the authenticity of a certificate using the "Verify Certificate" link in the left margin.

What is not available on this system:
Certificates of Status are not available for trade names, name reservations, sole proprietorships, government entities and some other accounts.

What it costs to use this system:
The fee for the Internet Expedited Certificate is  $40.00 .
This option allows you to print from your printer an official certificate and as many copies as needed. But if you'd prefer, you can have the certificate mailed to you by SDAT. The fee for the mailed expedited certificate is $40.00 for the first copy and   $1.00 for each additional copy.

What you need to use the system:
1. The Department ID number issued by SDAT for registered business entity.
2. A MasterCard or Visa credit card.
3. The Certificate of Status opens in a separate window, it is recommended that you disable your browser's pop-up blocker before proceeding. After disabling the pop-up blocker it may be necessary refresh/reload your browser.
4. It is recommended that either Internet Explorer or Firefox be utilized to complete a successful transaction.

How do you begin to use the system:
First time users should review the information in our help file. Click on "Help" in the left margin. Enter the Department ID and click on "Get Certificate". If you do not have the Department ID number, click on "Find a Department ID Number" in the left margin.
Enter the Department ID for your business:
Example:  D00000000